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Career Options In Pharmacy

Career Options In Pharmacy 

Pharmacy courses in Malaysia can be considered as one of the popular medical courses here. The existence of pharmacists really helps the doctors when it comes to medication.

pharmacy course in Malaysia

The profession of pharmacy is involved with the handling of all aspects of chemical compounds known as medicine or medicines. This involves understanding the source, the physical and chemical characteristics, the dosage forms, the formulation, the storage, sale, and the laws and ethics that regulate the manufacturing, import, export, storage, and use of medicines or poisons.

Here are the career options if you have just graduated from a pharmacy course:

Pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy

In a hospital pharmacy, pharmacists will consult each time the doctors have come out with medications for the patients. They determine the best cost-effective drug for various medical conditions. Pharmacists double-check the dosage and kind of medicines recommended by doctors, acting as a safety net against pharmaceutical mistakes.

In a situation when the medication is too expensive, pharmacists will usually come out with the cheaper options for medication but give the same effect and result to reduce the cost. Pharmacists in the hospital pharmacy also sometimes will communicate with the patients just to make sure that they experienced no side effects with the dosage. If they did, the pharmacist will inform the doctor and ask to reduce or increase the dosage.

Pharmacist in pharmaceutical factories

Pharmaceutical factories are also known as industrial pharmacies which offer various types of jobs. Pharmaceutical pharmacists will be able work in marketing, sales, or research and development. They may plan or perform clinical drug studies, as well as contribute to the development of medications. They may also aid in the establishment of safety rules and the supervision of medication quality.

As they will be involved with the production of drugs and medicine, pharmacists who work in the factories will have to make sure the medication produced is high quality and safe to consume. Pharmacists in factories also may do research for the dosage of the medication to make sure it is not overdosed.

Academic pharmacist

Academic pharmacist is where the pharmacist starts to teach. To be in this field, one must have at least a PhD in Pharmacy to work in any educational institutions to teach, conduct research, or assess clinical study findings. You will be able to educate and mentor a new generation of pharmacists.

A pharmacy graduate can also work in research and drug development to create new medications or drug formulations in universities, research institutes, or pharmaceutical firms.

Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technician is the one who is responsible for keeping the pharmacy running smoothly. They will order medications for the inventory and keep the shelves clean, well-stocked and in neat order.

They fill patients’ prescriptions, distribute the correct drugs at the exact doses, and screen for allergies as well as food and drug combinations. They pay attention to the patients’ health reports and may recommend over-the-counter medicines for certain of their problems.

These are some of the career options if you study pharmacy for your diploma or degree. If you are not interested in working in the hospital or factories, you can choose to work as a drug safety officer to spread awareness about the right dosage of drugs and medicine.

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