8 Creative Website Design Techniques to Improve Conversion Rate

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Are you running your own online business? Do you want to boost your online presence this year? Well, you better find the right formula that will boost your conversion rate. Below are some of the aspects that you must focus on.


This is an acronym for the web design saying “keep it simple, stupid.” You should know by now that simplicity is a crucial factor in generating more conversions for websites. Keep your pages sound and simple. Before integrating new features and elements, ask yourself first, “how can you make your design more straightforward?” Find the most basic ways.

Use the 8-second rule.

Keep in mind that you only have eight seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. Humans really have short attention spans, so you need to work your way around it. You only have a small window of opportunity to convey your brand’s message–make good use of it.

Big Bold Typography

Bold, big letters have always been a huge hits. In fact, typography is considered as one of the most amazing ways to improve your brand. Try incorporating bold typography in your pages. Trust me, it will work just like magic. They can easily grab user attention, and easy to read.

Website Optimization

What is the use of having a visually appealing website if your target audience won’t be able to find them? Optimization is something you and your website developer should never forget. People are lazy and impatient when it comes to website browsing. You need to provide them with unique solutions.

Achievement Counter

Establish trust between you and your audience by incorporating an achievement counter on your website. Many people depend on stats and numbers in assessing web pages. Take advantage of this in order to improve conversion rate.

White Space

White space, or negative space, provides a breathing room for users while browsing websites. At first, it may appear boring, but it can open doors to more engagement and conversion.



According to research, a person’s natural behavior pattern when surfing websites is reading the entire screen in a certain F-shape pattern. This only means that their maximum attention span goes to the top of the web page. Remember this when designing your pages.

Video Landing Page

Landing pages are standalone pages designed to market services and products effectively. Many website owners are using text and infographics to attract more visitors, but more and more individuals are already exploring the benefits of integrating video landing pages.