Best Apps for Language Learners

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For someone who wants to learn other languages besides the mother tongue, or for students who are in the language department, it is hard to master the languages if you just use the old traditional way which is learning through the dictionary and you cannot only rely on the lessons in the class. Therefore, there are several mobile apps developed by various mobile apps developer agency that are suitable for students who are majoring in languages and the self-taught.

  1. The first app is iSpeak. This is a free app which is available for Android and iOS users. This app is designed to help you enhance your speaking skill. Simply put any text on the app and the app will convert the text by reading it and you can learn how to pronounce the words. It also helps you in listening skill.
  2. The second app is Busuu. Busuu is an app that applies modern language learning techniques to a more traditional class-based structure. It divides its course into different lessons and each lesson focusing on vocabulary, pronunciation and examples with explanation. It also offers tons of quizzes to test your knowledge.
  3. One of the obstacles to learning a language is remembering all of the vocabulary which will require you to use your memorising skill. Memrise app will help you in achieving your target through repetition every day. For example, set your target of 5, 15 or 30 words to memorise for each day and Memrise will present you the words through flashcards as memory aids and this will develop your skill further.
  4. You probably have heard or familiar with Duolingo app. With over 15 languages provided including Korean and Russian, Duolingo allows the users to master the language for free. This app also has a different level of proficiency from beginner to intermediary and advanced. It provides tasks pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.
  5. FluentU is an entertaining app to learn a foreign language through commercials, music videos, inspiring talks and speeches. Just choose any video of your choice, sit back and watch. When playing the video, you can see each word written on the screen which allows you to learn how to pronounce them by the native speakers. It also helps you to know the meaning of the words and memorise them.