Can Food Really Improve Your Sex Life?

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Studies have shown that taking libido boosters, having a balanced diet, and having a
more active lifestyle can all have a positive impact on your sex life. But, are there really
foods that can help increase your libido? We will explore the theories and studies that
were made on this particular subject in further detail in this article.

Does Eating Dark Chocolate Help?

According to research, dark chocolate contains PEA or Phenethylamine, which is called
a ‘love chemical’ mainly because of its effect on making you feel like falling in love with
your partner all over again. That is because this chemical compound can actually
induce the release of endorphins or what is known as the ‘happy hormones’.

Dark chocolate is also believed to be an aphrodisiac that can help men get better in bed
thanks to its ability to increase blood circulation. You see, a man’s penis gets erect
when sufficient blood enters its chambers and dark chocolate happens to help with that.

However, despite the fact that it contains some chemicals and compounds that can help
improve sex life, its amounts are not really that high to be considered useful; unless you
are gorging down copious amounts of it.

Are Oysters Effective in Improving Your Sexual Health?

Oysters are deemed to be aphrodisiacs, but where did this all come from? Well, there
was a legend where the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, rose from the seas. Since
then, all seafood is believed to be aphrodisiacs mainly because Aphrodite came from a
body of water.

Well, there is actually some truth to that (the effects, I mean). Oysters are rich in zinc
which can help improve sperm quality and quantity in men.

Can Chilies Really ‘Spice Up’ Your Sex Life?

A lot of doctors actually advocate their patients to consider adding chilies to the foods
that they eat. That is because its active compound, Capsaicin, not only helps increase
metabolism (which can help you reduce weight) but it also increases your body
temperature and heart rate as well. As you can already tell, these things can certainly
help during sexy time.

Can Alcohol Really Hinder Your Ability to Have Good Sex?

If you’ve read the story, Macbeth, there was a time when he was drunk and she said
that alcohol provides desire but can also take away your performance (in bed) as well.

There is actually some scientific evidence that backs this up. Alcohol may heighten your
sexual desire but because it is a known relaxant, it may hinder your ability to perform in

Is There Any Way to Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

Yes, there is. Research has shown that flavonoids which are found in blueberries and
some citrus fruits can actually help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

People who are following the Mediterranean diet have also reported remarkable
improvements in their sex life and men who follow such a diet plan report not suffering
from erectile dysfunction at all.

One of the flavonoids, anthocyanin, can certainly prevent ED and they are found mostly
in blackberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes, red cabbage, and so much more.