Different Managed Cloud Services Explained

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When searching for cloud hosting companies, you are faced with the dilemma of choosing so many different choices. Should you go for managed or unmanaged cloud services? In this article, I will go over the different types so that you can decide for yourself which one you’re going to take.

Self-Maintained or Unmanaged Cloud

As the name implies, this is where a person or business owner gets their own infrastructure by either purchasing it or just renting it from a service provider. This is where they will be the ones to maintain everything- including the infrastructure, the website, APIs, software, and so much more.

Although you can save some money by purchasing such a service, you will still be paying a lot more because you will need to hired skilled technicians to handle everything. You will also need a supervisor to oversee things as well, which will incur additional costs on your end.

Outsourced Cloud

When buying cloud infrastructures, you will usually be given a choice of managing it on your own or having someone manage it. The outsourced cloud is basically where you pay the company for both the infrastructure and the services that are required to manage the said infrastructure.

Depending on the service provider, you could end up paying less than what you will incur with an unmanaged cloud or you could end up paying more since there are some that will charge you exorbitant fees.

Partner-Managed Cloud

This option would be that you have some entity manage your cloud infrastructure. It could be from one of the provider’s partners or someone who you know and trust. Personally, I would highly recommend this option and I will explain it in further detail in the next part of the article.

Why Choosing a Partner-Managed Cloud is Better than Others?

One of the top reasons why a partner-managed cloud is better than other alternatives is that you are given the complete freedom of how you will handle the cloud infrastructure.

In other words, you will have the choice to maintain what services you want to do on your own and you can then delegate the rest of the tasks to the service provider. This provides an ideal situation for most business entities because it includes support for both application and infrastructure levels.

My final solution for you would be to get a reliable company that will handle all of the services for you. Not all partner-managed services are expensive. In fact, there are those that offer superb services at a relatively affordable cost.

Before choosing one, I highly recommend that you look at their feature list to ensure that all of the things that you want (and need) are provided for by them.