Gambling Tips on Winning Big in Vegas

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Losing in Vegas is still better than just about anything you would do at home even if itโ€™s online casino, but with some extra spending cash in your pocket, your vacation will be even sweeter.


We like to pull the tiny lever too, but in Vegas, slots have the worst chances. You do offer a great way to get your adrenaline rush without a lot of investment, though, so if you’re at least going to play them well

  • The higher your bet the better your winning chances. The maximum amount is always betting all you have..
  • The luckiest machines do not appear to be at the front of the building, so look for a computer that is farther from the main entrance and check how much it has paid out.
  • If the machine doesn’t win, then adjust. Yet casinos rarely put two “losing” machines next to each other so you might not have to go far to lift your chances.
  • Tell a lead waiter for a drink. The team also knows the best gaming computers, just be sure to tip


Only if you obey those basic rules, the house has a 5 percent advantage.

  • Practice before you go, because the game requires both abilities and luck. We recommend that you test tactics by hit or stand.
  • Divide aces and eight still.


Beginners are often too anxious to hit the Craps table but playing it is one of the funniest games. Especially when winning.

  • For best odds play “Pass or Don’t Pass.”
  • Keep your eye with most chips on the player, and do what he or she does. You should bet smaller amounts but mimic the techniques.
  • Easier said than done, but never bet more than you can afford to lose, so learn to walk away.
  • Do not drink excessively while you are playing. There’s a reason the casino wants free booze to fill you up with. You are more likely to place higher bets, play longer and make more riskier decisions.