Tips and Tricks Of Web Developer Profile

Tips and Tricks Of Web Developer Profile
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Create a Kick-Ass Web Developer Profile in

If you are an aspiring web design and developer, it is best that you hone your craft and get some experience before you think about the big bucks. You see, if you have a lot of experience under your belt, the projects and clients that you will be receiving will be doubled or even tripled to what you will get when you’re still starting out.

Tips and Tricks Of Web Developer Profile

That being said, I highly suggest that you start taking some freelance projects. Two of the best platforms for you to get started are and Upwork.

In this article, I will give you some nifty tips and tricks that will help you land some projects on Let’s get started, shall we?


Make Your Presence Known

In the digital realm, trust is everything. For you to build trust with your potential employers, you need to do the following:

  • Use Your Real Name- This is so that they will know that you can be trusted
  • Use a Good Looking and Professional Photo- I find that white background works for more professional settings
  • Make Sure that You Use a Verified Email- Your email is going to be very important if you’re going to get some freelance projects. This will help potential prospects know that you are indeed the right person to hire.
  • Provide a Brief Description About Yourself- On your profile, you can provide a brief summary of your skills and talents. This is your time to shine! Highlight the things that you can do and how you can help potential clients create websites as per their specifications. This is where you will showcase your passion for the craft. And most importantly, proofread everything so that there will be no grammatical errors (remember, always maintain a certain level of professionalism at all times).
  • Show Your Previous Work- If you happen to already take some web development projects before, make sure to showcase your portfolio as well. Only use high-quality images.

Stick with Your Strengths

  • In most cases, you want to only highlight your strengths. Make sure that you know the core languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Also, you can further add new languages as you improve as a web developer and never forget to include them in your profile.
  • Although having the technical know-how of creating websites using content management systems, it is best that you do not include them as they are considered as “low-quality skills”.
  • Highlight the type of projects that you’re willing to take. Only take on the projects that you know you can best perform at.


  • To find out your baseline, look at your other competitors and find out their prices. Get an average and set that as your baseline. As a beginner, I recommend that you do not think so much about how much you will earn, but you should get the right types of projects for you.

Additional Tips

Tips and Tricks Of Web Developer Profile

  • Do not waste your efforts in getting paid certifications for now. You can certainly get them at a later date once you’ve established your presence in the online realm.
  • provides a Paid Membership scheme, but do not get it right now. Take advantage of the free trial as much as you can.
  • Take a look at other web developers that are taking on the same projects as you want to get. Follow in their footsteps, but make sure that you do not copy everything they do. Only pick apart the things that you can do; only this time, do it better.