Why Honesty in Accounting is Important

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Whenever you work in any company all over the world, you must operate within the rules set by the organization. However, no matter where you work in, it is important that you uphold honesty and integrity at all times.

This is especially true when it comes to accounting. An accountant is responsible for handling the financial information of the company- an important piece of document that will help their employers decide what to do in the future.

That being said, the data that is put in that document should remain authentic and true at all times and it should not be marred with any biases or anything that will tarnish its integrity.

You could say that honesty is indeed the best policy in accounting. You should always keep this in mind when acquiring accounting business services in Malaysia.
In this article, you will find out why honesty in accounting is very important.


Accountants, no matter what company they work in, always follow the guidelines set by the GAAP. This is so that the financial statements that they create are read the same way- whether by accountants in the same company or by external auditors.

The standards are based on how the information is tracked, gathered, and then reported. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has been established to help keep track of accounting professionals and to ensure that every accountant in the industry follows these guidelines.

As Important as Sports Rules

The rules set in your favorite sports are always strict and it adheres to integrity and fairness across the board. The same goes for accounting as the information and the way accountants operate should be within the standards set by the GAAP.

Accountants should always make sure that the financial statements that they create are standardized so that anyone- may it be employees within the company they work in or from the outside- can read these statements as clearly as possible.

In other words, the reports that are made by the accountants should always be objective, reliable, relevant, and understandable for external and internal users of the information.

Auditing Keeps Integrity

Although employers can always trust their own accountants when they create their accounting reports, it should always be held accountable through external audits.

It is usually done by an auditing firm and certified public accountants from these companies will be the ones that will conduct the audit.

This is usually requested by some company owners to help ensure that their accountants are doing their jobs in the most honest way possible. This is also to help them know if their in-house accountants always operate with integrity in mind.

You could say that an external audit is sort of an investigation that is sometimes used by business owners to prove that the accounting reports made by their representatives are fair, unbiased, and just.

Company Reputation Rests on Honesty

Reputation in the accounting industry is very important. Without, the firm’s reputation will be mired and no client is willing to do business with them.

Aside from that, if you are found out that you have been dishonest, the information will be made public and your reputation, along with your firm, will be tarnished forever.