Why You Need to Protect Yourself from Emotional Pains- Especially in Trading

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They say that you have to “man up” and not give in to the emotional pain. But psychologists have said countless times that emotional pain is equal or sometimes even greater than physical pain and that is backed by science.

Whenever a person feels psychological or physical pain, the same regions in the brain light up which means that the former should also be taken into consideration because it can affect the way you think and it can affect your decision-making process as well.

So, where am I getting at? Well, this new discovery actually tells us that we have to protect our psyche just as how we care for our physical well-being. Treat it as something that is very important and you will find that you will make more sound and logical decisions.

I used to be quite emotional. So emotional, in fact, that I sometimes abandon all reason and let my emotions run the show. The problem with this approach is that although I feel good after the meltdown, the consequences of it can be dire as well.

As a private investment company on Betfair, it is important that you use your logic, not your emotions, to trade. I hope that now, you understand that both your physical and psychological well-being are both important components to help you get the best trades and to also make a lot of profits using the platform as well.

You Have to Learn That the Market Can Be Harsh

Here’s the thing: the market doesn’t care what you feel. It is just an emotionless entity that is concerned more about trading more than anything else. You have to consider that before you start trading. The emotions that you feel when you win or lose trades should be kept to yourself. You can release it somewhere, but never, ever make decisions when you’re happy, sad, or mad.

What Can Be Done?

One of the best ways to quell your emotional pangs is to step away from trading, at least, for a while. No, don’t stay away for just a few minutes; do something else for the entire day. Having a losing streak can put an emotional toll that nearly every person cannot get out of, especially when they’re still looking to find ways to somehow recoup the losses.

What I usually do is take a deep breath and do things that I really love, other than trading on Betfair, of course. For instance, I really like going to the gym and get my sweat on. Doing some physical activities- whether it is light activities like jogging or some intense stuff like resistance training, can be beneficial to both your mind and body.

Whenever you exercise, you release endorphins which are considered to be the feel- good hormones. So when you’re on an emotional high or low after some trades, step back, stop what you’re doing, and start thinking of doing something else. That way, you can minimize your losses and get back in the game with a clearer mind.