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How Design Influences Our Purchasing Decisions

How Design Influences Our Purchasing Decisions 

As consumers, have you ever thought about what prompted you to buy products of a particular brand? Is it the price? Or is it because it looks nice and presentable? Well, it is no surprise that the design of the product has a part to play in influencing our decisions whether to buy it or not. This is probably because of what we perceive as aesthetically pleasing. 

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Regardless of our awareness, design is everywhere. It can be found on almost all tangible products such as your smartphone, your breakfast cereal packaging and the movie you watched. This is because design is used for the very purpose of communication, besides verbal communication. Therefore, from a business point of view, design is crucial to consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why big companies spend millions of dollars every year just to build their brand. 

Branding of a product can directly influence our brain, particularly on our preference-based judgments. This has a lot to do with the psychology of consumers. Product designers often play with colour, images, symbols etc. to attract consumers’ attention and also to work out the emotions of consumers. Since a lot of people are shopping online nowadays, web design companies (see malaysia web design company) are doing their best in similar efforts as the product designers on websites and web/social media platforms. The main purpose of tapping into consumers’ emotion is to engage them on a deeper level so that consumers can relate to the products that they ultimately buy. For example, an organic/eco-friendly packaging will make consumers think that the product is natural, recyclable or even healthy.

There are a few factors that influence the consumers’ purchasing decision: demographics(age, economic status etc.), ethnicity/culture, personal preferences, and consumers’ personality. Marketers study these factors a lot because it is directly connected to a consumer’s behaviour, in other words, their purchasing pattern. The more the design of a product can relate to these factors, the more likely the consumers are to spend money on the product. A good example would be global brands would specifically change their packaging design in different countries just so that they can reach more of the local consumers.

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A shrewd business owner would definitely understand these factors mentioned above. To target the right customers to buy their products, it is important for business owners to understand what consumers prefer and how they make their purchasing decisions. Many consumers will actually do their research online before making a final decision. This is where web design comes into play. A good web design will tend to capture the consumers attention and get ahold of them. Truth is, consumers will not spend too much time on a website that is hard to navigate around. 

In conclusion, design plays a huge role in our daily lives, affecting our daily decisions and in a subtle way, what type of design we choose reveals what type of a person we are.

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